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miniature    golden doodles

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      We are the proud and excited owners of our mini golden doodles. For 24 years we have successfully produced loyal, loving, and fun fur balls. We take no greater joy than seeing gleeful, beaming faces welcoming their forever friend into their forever arms and homes. It is my passion!!!!!  Karen 



parents fully papered

7 week old puppies! 



           Ollie of

Lyla of



Teddy of
Evergreen Doodles and Poodles 

Willow of


Lyla and Ollie's Puppies
born Jan 14, 2022

Willow and Toby's Puppies
born Jan 22, 2022

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All Videos

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Daisy will be having bi-color
mini parti golden doodles in 2023.    


Daisy, enjoying the snow for the very first time. She was 10 weeks old.


Hi!  Welcome to the wonderful world of mini golden doodles! Being a multi-generational cross between approved poodles and  approved golden retrievers, our mini golden doodles are a delightful blend of loyalty, smartness, gratefulness, companionship, unending playfulness, and forever love. Bonding quickly to their new owners, mini golden doodles become an integral part of the lives of every person in the family. Seeming to be able to read the emotions of their families, these doodles will engage in your sadness, your energy level, and your desire for closeness and love. Wonderful with children, they will be their sweetest companions, gentle with the small and energetic with the older. There is no other word to describe them than AMAZING.  


Medical Information



     Our puppies will be vet-checked multiple times and have up-to-date shots when you take your puppy home.  


      These puppies are being sold on a "strict spay and neuter contract."  This means that none of these puppies will be sold for breeding purposes.  Your puppy needs to be spayed or neutered by the time he or she is 7 months old or when your veterinarian says it is safe to do so. I will need a phone call or an invoice from you or your vet once this has been done.  There is a wonderful place in West Michigan, C-Snip, run by volunteer vets who do spaying and neutering for around $90.00. It is an immaculate place, and I have NEVER had a problem. Their goal is to keep unwanted dogs off the streets. Your own vet will probably charge over $300.00.


      Within two weeks of your pup's home-going, your little pup must be fully checked by your vet and have his second set of shots. If anything is wrong, we will pay for what needs to be done. This does not include shots, poisoning whether accidentally or purposely, worming, parasites, and normal well-check visits. You will have a 1-year health guarantee, which will be invalid if the shot schedule and the vet checks have been ignored.



       Because the doodle breed LOVES to run and explore, at two days of age, I have the dew claws removed by our reputable vet so that the toenail will not be accidentally torn off, resulting in surgery, much pain, and special careful recovery. We have a full well check-up, and the pup is examined for a cleft palate and heart and eye abnormalities. The pup is de-wormed. We have the best vet in town, so I am assured that my little family is well and happy. At six weeks of age, de-worming and vaccinations are given, along with a full check-up. Four weeks after that and four weeks later again, my puppies are fully up-to-date with the vaccinations and de-worming appropriate for their age. I am very particular, and I follow the schedule implicitly. Rabies will also be given for the first time at the designation of your vet.  You will be given a shot schedule with all this information included at the time your pup goes to his forever home. The most important shot you will be given (at this time and for the three previous visits) is the PARVOVIRUS vaccination. IT IS IMPERATIVE TO WAIT UNTIL AFTER THIS FOURTH SET OF SHOTS IS GIVEN BEFORE TAKING YOUR PUPPY TO GRASSY AREAS, YARDS OTHER THAN YOUR OWN, SIDE-OF-THE-ROAD STOPS, PUPPY DAY CARE, OTHER PEOPLE'S HOMES, STORES, AND DOG PARKS. Until that last set of shots is given, your puppy will not be safe from Parvovirus, a dangerous and deadly disease. Whole litters have died within 24 hours after contact with this virus. To be safe, your pup should not sniff near bushes, grass, or trees. Sidewalks are fine, but your leashed pup needs to be guarded at all times from this killer disease. Unless you are very sure that other dogs your pup meets have a full set of vaccinations, do not let your pup even sniff another dog. Even dog training classes could impose a threat. If in doubt, keep your pup in a "protective bubble." I cannot emphasize this enough. I have seen the tears and the heartbreak at the loss of pets with parvo.


$300 deposit to hold a position 



        I'm Karen. Hi!  About 21 years ago, I decided that my three children should see science upfront and firsthand.  Since we had a golden retriever, I wanted to breed her and have my kids play a part in the whole process of birthing and caring for the puppies.  Having been a teacher and a science major, I saw other teachers bring their dogs to school to be "the pillow" for kids to curl up with while reading extra credit books. I began to take my golden retriever Lacy to school. It was amazing how quickly the children finished their daily work in order to spend time with patient and loving Lacy.
        After a few days, a mom and her child came in to the classroom to tell me that young Calvin could not come back to my classroom. He had had an allergy attack and needed hospitalization for asthma. Sadly, Lacy had to go back home. I was heart-broken.
        A few years later, I saw Calvin running in the schoolyard grass with a huge, playful, curly dog. I asked him how it came to be that he could have this long-haired, shaggy dog. He replied that this was a standard golden doodle, and it didn't shed or cause allergies! I headed to my computer to do some research....
         And so the adventure began. I wanted as many allergic kids and adults to finally enjoy and love these large, medium, and mini dogs. For those who could never have  a dog, my mission became placing healthy dogs into empty homes. 
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